2024 Finding Acadia’s Early Birds: A Special Maine Birding Excursion | Schoodic Institute

Schoodic Institute

Be among the first to see and hear colorful wood warblers returning to Acadia National Park, and enjoy a chartered boat trip to Petit Manan Island to see an active Atlantic puffin colony. We’ll visit area hotspots at a leisurely pace while learning about bird song and sight identification, bird habitats and behavior, and we’ll…

Winter Harbor Trade Day 2024

TRADE DAY 2024! Pancake Breakfast at the Winter Harbor Masonic Lodge  7-10 am! Great sales throughout the Peninsula! Saturday, May 18, 2024

2024 Katahdin Splendor: Birds and Wildlife in the Shadow of Maine’s Highest Peak | Baxter State Park

Schoodic Institute

Join Schoodic Institute's bird ecology director Seth Benz on this exciting bird tour through Maine's North Woods! The combined scenic expanse of Baxter State Park and Katahdin Woods and Waterways National Monument is the stage for this extraordinary tour. Here, the history of nature exploration and birding is as rich and captivating as the landscape…